Kusanagi's Log: Session 15

The Fortuneteller's Betrayal

Our search for Korog’s Fang begins in an unlikely place: a fortuneteller’s shop. The woman has a couple of halfling bodyguards, armed and armored to the teeth. A sycophantic gnome named Friplin is hovering about as well. There is a curtain that she seems eager for us to avoid. She also has a curious arrangement to her furniture. It is bolted to the floor. That is suspicious enough that only Knell, who was clearly excited by the idea of discerning his fortune, and Vorn (who should know better) were tricked into the pit when the floor dropped away. Crythis triggered the trap. He was pacing about, covertly examining the furnishings, when he suddenly pounced at the woman’s desk and activated a hidden switch.

The rest of us battled this motley assortment. All was not what it seemed however. The woman was a shifter, a werewolf perhaps? She fought with great strength and cunning. The armored halflings were a nuisance, simply because the armor was of high quality. The gnome had a few tricks up his sleeve (as they all seem to) but I was able to finish him myself.

The true nature of the situation grew apparent when the illithid, Remen, who was controlling this cast of puppets revealed himself. We were hard-pressed to win through his minions and to kill him. Tentacles and mind-tricks are devious, but not much defense against steel.

Remen’s notebooks gave us some valuable information about the nearby mansion. The ancient structure is one of the ones we are seeking, a likely repository for ancient evils like the Fang. There is a library there that may hold what we seek. But it has a guardian that Remen was not willing to face.


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