Kusanagi's Log: Session 16

Into the ruin...

The ruined mansion seems haunted in more ways than one. The locals use it as a refuse site. We carefully scout it for a hidden entrance in hopes of surprising the guardian of the place but we have no luck. We must enter directly, through the few refuse-clogged windows that are not heavily boarded.

Throughout the next hour Knell is haunted by an apparition. A tentacled form with many eyes appears out of the weird mists that trail about the interior. In his panic, the bladeling attacks it whenever he sees it. Unfortunately, it means that he hits his companions with these wild outbursts. As none of us can see the thing, it is naturally disquieting to all. As well as painful.

We finally confront the source of the mist, and presumably, the apparition. A coalesced fog that spawns cloudlings and deals damage through the foul airs and auras it creates, scraping our psyches with its attacks. Crythis launches his own attack, making knives of his own soul to attack the thing. Vorn freezes it with an icy cloud. Immeral shifts about the cloudling, raking it with his blades. We are overcome by bouts of nausea. The fumes from the creature are toxic. Our valiant leader Tirrigeth falls at one point, but between Crythis and I we keep the party fighting. Bahamut is my shield, and my sword is his talon against evil. The dragon is in my heart, and I dare not fail him.

Knell alternates between attacking our foe, and rashly hacking at one of us. Crythis, Vorn and Immeral deal with the cloudlings spawned by the greater cloud. Tirrigeth, Knell and I focus on the greater one. It is clear our weapons are having limited effect. In our search for the thing’s vulnerability it seems that only Crythis’s lightning has full effect.

Finally we triumph. Beyond the door we find the rumored library and begin our search anew.


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