Kusanagi's Log: Session 17

Assault from the Air

Outside the house of Spren’Ahame the Avergenes have arrived. We exit the library with what information we were able to gather, and confront a mixed force of some kind of dragonling swarms, and their handlers.

There is something aberrant about these creatures and this reinforces my belief that there is something rotten at the core of the crusade.

The small dragon that joins the assault covers distance so quickly that we are taken by surprise. Immeral nearly falls at the creature’s assault, and is swarmed by the dragonlings. One of the handlers, a dwarf, crushes my will with some fell psychic magic, and I am of little help in this fight, reduced to the role of spectator.

Eventually, by the bravery of my fellow adventurers and a critical bow shot from one of our party (I’m afraid I was too dazed to discern who made the shot) we drive the crusaders off and prepare to descend into the secret depths below the ancient house.


djkester anarkeith

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