Kusanagi's Log: Session 18

Under Spren'Ahame

Beneath the house is a chamber littered with bodies and a tapestry of disturbingly evil design. Behind it is a mechanical marvel of a door, a massive portal of steel and magic. Immeral and Vorn assault the thing in their own ways, deft fingers and subtle intellect applied together.

Some kind of trap or ward is triggered and a flash of light, a thunderous vibration and a mighty arcane wind issue forth from the portal. An angel confronts us and seals the house saying, “For here there is no passage.” A construct of bronze materializes and we arte forced into a fight. The angel raises the skeletal remains in the room to harass us, but Crythis succeeds in dismissing the threat. Their weird chanting drone temporarily dazes Immeral and Tirrigeth however.

Vorn hits the angel with a critical blast of Ice Dragon’s Teeth and Immeral shakes off his dazed state to deliver the killing blow to the guardian being. Beyond the door we find the entrance to a portion of the Underdark, that portion of the world dug by a god of hate and pain as it escaped some ancient bondage.


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