Kusanagi's Log: Session 19

The Ghosts in the Machine

There is some confusion in my recollection, perhaps caused by the dark forces at work in the Underdark caverns beneath the house of Spren’Ahame. It may be that the battles and marches we made in that place are lost to my mind. Perhaps if others recall more clearly, they may add to what little I recall here.

We are confronted by a pair of creatures who appear to be goblins, but are clearly not so. They guard a pair of passages and a machine of unknown but sinister purpose. In the confusion that followed, I know the machine was activated in some manner. The goblins were revealed to be some sort of constructs, and we were assaulted by specters.

At one point Vorn critically blasted one of the constructs with his Lightning Breath. Crythis punished the things with his own lightning, provided by Melora’s grace.

It was a difficult fight, and given the toll of the previous encounter combined with this one, we were forced to rest overnight in one of the side chambers off this cavern. A narrow hole was revealed behind the disabled machine. After resting, we vowed to push on, knowing that the Fang of Korog, or Kutrog (my studies in the library above indicated there was some confusion about the name of the thing) was somewhere in these depths.


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