Kusanagi's Log: Session 21

The Keep of Smite

In the center of a truly vast chamber we came across a fortress surrounded by a moat of undead insects, and guarded by equally undead ogres. We attempted some tactical maneuvering, with the intent of avoiding being thrown into the moat, an idea we all loathed. However, our plan resulted in us facing the ogres on the bridge over the moat. It was hardly the most advantageous position for us, and we paid for our mistake in pain.

Eventually we defeated the ogres and the insect swarms from the moat and, despite our exhaustion, resolved to investigate the temple of Bane within the walls of the Keep.

The fiery chamber below the temple was lair to one “Smite”, a demon of evil countenance whose whip cracked and ensnared us, drawing us into range of the great sword he wielded. Our resources were low at the initiation of this duel, and Smite quickly drained what little we had left. Perhaps we learned a lesson in the fight above, for we were able to surround the demon and bring down sufficient damage to finally slay him, though he nearly returned the favor for several of us.

Smite was the designated guardian of the Fang of Kutrog, as well as numerous other treasures that were curiously attuned to us, or became so as we investigated them. Whether this was by some design of the gracious gods, some plot of the infernal ones, or some coincidence, I cannot tell. The rewards were mighty, and they may allow us to hold the Fang until we can determine what should rightfully be done with such a powerful relic.


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