Kusanagi's Log: Session 22

Carnage at the Crossing

We have resolved to travel north, seeking Jahn and whatever plan he has for us. Our suspicions are that he is not the bumbling minion he represents himself to be, but rather, the dark spirit we released from beneath the mountain.

Less than two days of travel brings us to a ford. A battle between an Avergene scout party and a party of gnolls and goblins has been fought here. A pair of massive, slavering hyena-beasts are gnawing on the remains of the fight. Our stealthy approach is greeted by an equally stealthy ambush (although Immeral avoids the initial enemy contact and places himself in ideal position to harass the leader of the enemy.)

A group of gnolls joins forces with the beasts and we are divided and set upon. Despite enemies at close quarters Vorn and Crythis acquit themselves well. Knell is quickly surrounded, but his remarkable stamina keeps him on his feet despite the flurry of blows raining down on him. It would have gone very badly for him had Immeral not revealed himself and struck against the leader of the gnoll band.

I strike enemies and heal allies as the opportunities present themselves and despite our initially being surprised, we overcome the foe.

We know a party of Avergene soldiers is behind us. What they will be able to read from the carnage here, I do not know. We detect traces that indicate gnolls and goblins fled north from the scene of the earlier fight. The dead here have been so for at least eight hours, so any pursuit will likely be a long one. Enemies before us, as well as behind, and we have little knowledge of what Jahn may have in store for us. I resolve to hold my most potent prayers in reserve for that encounter, and pray that I will be able to do so.


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