Kusanagi's Log: Session 23

Dragon Patrol

On our fourth day out from Rivelda we’ve finally been caught by an Avergene patrol. We avoided them as much as we could, but were ambushed in a shallow creek bed. A couple of poison-spewing drake-type creatures, a warlock who may have conjured a dragon apparition, and my “cousin” Kaliyat, a redoubtable warrior. These are accompanied by squads of human archers and mixed skirmishers.

Knell quickly finds himself in the thick of the fight again. He’s forced to hold off a squad himself, which he does to great effect. Vorn and Crythis make the most of the enemy’s tight formations with blasts of radiance, fire and ice. Tirrigeth confronts the warlock and Kaliyat, and I try to position myself centrally so as to aid them all.

Kaliyat recognized me, and as his allies fell one-by-one around him, I did my best to persuade him to surrender. The Dragonborn have been exploited before, and it is my feeling now that the propaganda of the crusade is another instrument of exploitation being used against them. This suspicion is difficult to convey in the heat of battle, however, and true to his heritage, Kaliyat refuses to yield. Immeral unleashes a furious attack the like of which I have never seen. That one attack alone would have brought me nearly to my knees had it been directed at me. Thank Bahamut it was not. I say the service of Gentle Repose over Kaliyat’s corpse so that it may not be used by necromancers or other manipulators of the dead.


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