Session 1
Encounter at Grind

Tragedy strikes The Adams Family.

Just as the Holy Empire of Avergene comes to town Knell’s family decides they need to get him out of town. But wouldn’t you know it, just as Vice the Blacksmith is helping him out of town a squad of Boot Soldiers has captured one of Vice and Velda’s sons.

Just as Knell and Vice round the corner of the Inn, with several other people in the town looking on, a Boot Soldier slaughters the boy in the middle of the street. The small Half-Elf body falling limp to the ground. The whale let loose by Vice is heard ringing like an alarm bell through the town.

Heads pop up and take notice.

Tirrigeth Rallinir, enjoying her breakfast in the Inn, looks out on the scene. Her sense of right and wrong disturbed. Her body responds automatically just as her mind spins to take everything in. She finds herself in the doorway of the Inn with sword drawn.

Kusanagi deep in morning prayer is awakened by Vice’s cry. And when he turns and looks upon the scene a sense of loss wraps around him. He hurries to the side of the unit of troops to question them. His mind raced as he sought a legitimate reason for this act. However, upon questioning what he knew to be true came crashing down. They are zealots committed to a war defined not by kindness, love, dedication, protection, and truth but by rhetoric. Read his log here.

Tolan Jardine ate breakfast, involved in contemplation, rose up at the disturbance. Aware of his place in the world and ready for action at any moment. As his eyes fell upon the small child’s body on the ground his sword lept to his hand.

Vorn Ironhammer bounded his short legs down the stairs. Inquisitive and ready for some new action. And just as the scene presents itself he felt a surge of energy.

Immeral looked out and realized that the enemy had arrived. Gathering his hidden sword from under a table he moved to obtain a better position. A position from which he struck fast and hard when the time came.

As the party, as of yet unformed, presented themselves seemingly as one they acted.

Knell charged, Kusanagi engaged, Immeral gained the roof, Vorn intimidated, Tolan teleported, and Tirrigeth ran up.

It was a short fight and while Kusanagi was bloodied the party dispatched the enemy quickly. As the fight drew to a close a realization rolled over the characters. They were not committed and they were now outlaws.

Supported by the town’s folk and ready for action the party is determined, at least for now, to engage the enemy.

Vorn's Log: Session 1
Vorn Ironhammer recounts his first encounter in Grind

I have found myself in my room at the inn in the town of Grind. The war is over, and the Empire has won. There was no bloodshed in this region, the people gave up quickly. However, the inhabitants are not happy with the outcome.

It seems there is a commotion outside, I must investigate. Outside the window, I see the soldiers from the Empire carrying a small infant. It looks like they are about to harm that child. I must hurry. There is also a cloaked figure outside, walking towards the soldiers. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to stop them alone. He seems like a foreigner, with grey skin and spikes protruding from his body. Maybe he is armed.

I rush downstairs, and see others. There is a tiefling heading towards the door, a human finishing his meal, a eladrin tending to the kitchen, and a half-elf priest biding his time. I wonder what they will all do.

Suddenly, the guards kill the infant, and the father cries out. The cloaked man reveals himself, but I think he’s too slow. I run outside as fast as I can. The soldiers try to move towards the now armed bladeling. I get their attention. My hair flames up in a bright flash, as it normally does when I’m excited or angry. Those soldiers stop in their tracks. The battle ensues, and all the characters from the inn join the fight. We dispatch all the soldiers quickly.

After the battle, we hear a rumor of another group of soldiers moving towards a farm of a half-orc family. We were all given a supply pack with a week of rations and 2 water skins.

Even know there is no clear leader, we agree to head to the blacksmith’s home to retrieve the fighter before heading to the farm to stop the army.

1st battle: initiative 8; 3 kills, 1 miss, no damage. 100 exp.

Vorn's Log: Session 2
Vorn Ironhammer recounts his second encounter in Grind

We’re back at the inn in Grind. We found Knell, the bladeling, and brought him with us. Talon, the human, has questions for the town elders. That was the first group of Empire soldiers in the town. There is a report of additional squads heading towards an half-orc farm. There is a larger group to the south of town. There must be a camp nearby, although no one is certain. The farm is to the northeast of town, and there are no main roads. The town of Grind is surrounded by light woods. Tolan picks up a Avergine tunic from the dead soldiers before we head to the farm. The town supports us, but cannot rebel or fight back for fear of retaliation. Kusanagi tells us about the soldiers, and revels he has a history with them.

We head towards the farm. We notice voices ahead near the farm. We see the soldiers execute a half-orc adult male by the farm. Tolan has an idea to surprise the soldiers by pretending to be one of them, and having the rest of us run after him. I don’t think it’s best for us to give up or advantage so easily, but the others agree. Tolan runs ahead, but we are to fast and the soldiers suspect something. I attempt to use ghost sound to create the sound of a dragon behind us, but am not sure if it succeeded.

Some of the others want to wait until the soldiers act, I am not so patient. Immeral moves closer and throws a shuriken at a soldier. Knells charges forth and hits the wounded soldier, who is now bloodied. Tolan unleashes his flame cyclone power, killing 2, missing 2, and hitting 1 soldier. The corporal moves and attacks Tolan, who unleashed a backlash of frost. The corporal is bloodied, but still hits Tolan, who is bloodied. Kusanagi moves and whispers a prayer to heal Tolan. Kusanagi takes aim with his crossbow at one of the soldiers. The soldiers attack Knell. They have an advantage due to their formation. Knell is bloodied after the barrage of attacks.

Finally, it’s my turn to act again. An energy bolt of many colors flies from my finger at the corporal. It strikes him in his head and he falls to the ground, clawing at his face. He is dead. 16 damage, 1st kill. Immeral rushes forward, but misses. The archers miss the crowd. Knell shifts and attacks twice, hitting two soldiers. Tirrigeth uses her martial powers to bloody a solder, and helps Knell shift closer for an attack while healing him. Tolan moves into the fray, and attacks with a sword burst missing 1, killing 1, and hitting 1. He focuses, and attacks another archer but misses. Kusanagi draws his sword and attacks with Righteous Brand, but misses. The soldiers attack Knell, who is bloodied again.

Again, after all that, I can act again! A bolt of cold shoots forth from my hand, chilling all that it passes, and hits an archer in the chest. Immeral disappears like a wisp of wind, then reappears behind an archer. He strikes him, and with a burst of action hits again to finish him. The archers focus their attack back on Immeral to avenge their brother, and is hit. Tolan teleports back into the fray to kill another archer, critically. Knell smashes a soldier with his axe, who becomes bloodied. Tirrigeth takes a moment to bolster Tolan with healing power, but misses an attack against a soldier. Tolan strikes another soldier with his sword in retaliation for an attack. Kusanagi moves to attack an archer with a righteous fury, while whispering a healing prayer to strengthen Knell. With all the chaos surrounding him, a soldier surrenders to our awesomeness, and begs for his life.

I decide to spare him, only to unleash another bolt of cold frost at an archer, who is now bleeding from his wounds. Immeral makes a intimidating gesture at the prisoner, and attacks the remaining archer, ending his time in the Empire’s military.

The battle is over, but the hostilities continue. Knell threatens the prisoner, in an attempt to get information from him. Tolan objects, much like the pacifist he is. Kusanagi intervenes in an attempt to make peace, and Tolan wants to tend to the prisoner’s wounds. Tirrigeth supplies rope from her pack, and Immeral ties him. I rest from our battle while the others search the farm. Ever restless, Tolan attempts to the secure the area while looking for treasure. 133 exp.

During his search, Tolan finds the dead half-orc. Kusanagi blesses the body, while Immeral attempts to bluff the soldier. Tirrigeth also attempts to intimidate the soldier in order to interrogate him. It is useless, the soldier obviously is too devoted to his leader’s cause to even fear us. The prisoner tells us there are more on the way, and that the half-orc family had run off. Knell tries to intimidate him again, but his actions are useless. I attempt to be diplomatic with our fearless prisoner, and my efforts are in vain. We think to leave him here, hanging in the farm. Tolan, who hasn’t given up, sits with the prisoner who is still defiant. The prisoner tells us he doesn’t fear death, and is willing to die. Immeral finds 70 gold lying around the farm, and divides it. I manage to get 12 gold from the haul.

We can see the tracks of the remaining half-orcs. We decide to hang the prisoner from the rafters of the barn. Immeral hears voices in the distance to the north. Kusanagi also hears something, but Immeral cannot hear anything more. I reluctantly decide to help with the clean up even though this task is better left to the servants. Immeral sneaks up into the forest, and runs back to join us. He has found another group coming back towards the farm.

We prepare for the return of the remaining troops. We all hide behind buildings in an attempt of surprise. Tolan and Immeral both decide to wait until the soldiers are closer. I however, am not so patient. I move closer to get a better shot at them, but I am spotted. We hear cries of “Get that damn orc child! They’re back here.” Tirrigeth moves into a better position, and readies an action. The soldier move closer in order to retrieve the child with their weapons drawn.

Immeral and Kusanagi have patience, and wait their turns. Tolan moves into the group and uses his flame cyclone power, missing 4, hitting 3. Two of the soldiers are bloodied. Knell moves around the house to flank the soldiers and attack. He unleashes a barrage and shifts closer into the fray to attack again. A burst of blades shoots forth from his skin, penetrating the armor of his foes. Immeral moves to attack around the house, then tries to throw a shuriken at the soldiers but misses. Kusanagi moves to take a shot with his crossbow, hitting the soldier. Tirrigeth moves closer to the soldiers. The soldiers take action, blurting out inspiring orders. They attack Knell, who stumbles back 2 spaces. The archers line up and take shots at Knell, who is missed by their arrows. The regulars move to attack Knell, Tolan, and Tirrigeth. Knell and Tirrigeth escape harm, but Tolan is hit.

Session 2
Surveying the Damage

Gathered up, the party headed north towards the Half-Orc farm to see what good they could do. Though no one voiced it they couldn’t help but wonder if they would be too late.

Immeral’s mind raced ahead projecting, planning, and contemplating. A mindset that kept him safe so many times in the past it was instinct now. He coolly offered to sneak ahead of the party. Feeling free of the heavy footprints of the group he worked his way through the unfamiliar natural surroundings. “What I wouldn’t do to be home in the city,” he mumbled not a few times.

Then he was on the place, a stiletto in the woods. He could make out shapes of men in uniform through the follage ahead. Still several hundred yards away his keen eyes spotted the enemy troupe. Oh how he longed to sneak and stealth upon them and do his quiet work.

But with the enemy scouted his job was done, Time to report. Only what is this? A Half-Orc face down on across a stump with a sword against his back. Squinting and sliding his head back and forth the Eladrin focused upon the scene and just as he catches a glimpse through the trees he sees a sword fall.

With a new urgency in his steps the turned and headed back to report. In the process nearly losing track of his stealthy arts.

Meanwhile the party has been planning. Upon hearing the news they set straight way to their plan. Tolan dons the uniform of the enemy. Knell takes his back the rest running as best they can to keep up.

The sword mage plays his trick well. But the dense forest serves them even better. They are not scene until nearly upon the soldiers of Avergene.

Immeral with thrown shuriken, Vorn with blasting magic, and Knell with slicing axe take charge. But Tolan is first with a kill. His moves like a moving river. He dances and dodges as he blasts.

In less than 30 seconds nine Soldiers are dead. Each member of the group stood over the last remaining villain. His hands raised high.

The body of the Half-Orc farmer is found nearby. A search is conducted and an interrogation ensued.

Yes, there are more soldiers in the area. They chased a woman and child into the woods. They will be returning soon and then this merry band will pay.

The party cannot determine what to do. Slay him say some, save him say others, it’s a battle of wills but in the end cooler heads prevail and the man is instead bound and suspended in the barn to await his fate.

The party is not patient though. They seek the rescue of the woman and child. They seek vengeance for the dead. They seek justice and retribution. They seek honor and glory. They seek VICTORY.

With keen ears Immeral hears the sound of soldiers. He leaps once again to venture into the woods and scout out the enemy. With a sprint he leaps into the woods and off towards the enemy. However, it’s only a short jaunt. He finds the soldiers loud at march. Coming his way. Returning quickly he warns these new companions to be ready. They set a trap.

The Soldiers are smart they form into their formation. Each one pressing with his mate. The are however caught in the trap. Once again the party launches 6,12,18,24,30 seconds go by. The soldiers are dieing. The Sergeant comes down.

One last soldier surrenders to his host. “Answers damnit we need answers”, someone calls. What has happened to the woman and child? The soldier groans that they got away. Needless was this battle morns Kusanagi. The child and woman are safe in hiding.

“What’s this,” asks Immeral as he raises a rod in his hands. A flashing glass crystal sits atop it.

Kusanagi raises his head to see and realization strikes home. “It’s a distress beacon, ” he reports. If its to be answered it’ll be answered soon and by mounted troops.

The forest seems thick as puzzled looks fall upon Kusanagi. But the foreign clurgy clears his throat, “Flying mounted troops. They are far more deadly than we. It’s time for us to flee this place.” Another senseless battle in a sea of blood.

The rod is smashed upon a rock. The crystal giving way in a 100 pieces.

“Back to town to warn the villagers,” the party agrees.

Just then a Half-Orc woman comes running into the farm yard. “Save my son, the dog people have taken him.”

A quick discussion occurs. The woman will go to town. The party will find the child.

What to do with prisoners we cannot keep and if allowed to report will certainly give away many details of the party’s existence. Slay them says some, leave them says another. The leaderless party is torn and then the tide turns. They cannot survive. Kill them. And so the deed is done. Tolan is outraged, Kusanagi tormented as the rest prepare to head out.


Tolan is torn and angry. His sense of justice betrayed. He charges out ahead and the party lets him gain some distance.

He is torn. New friendships not yet formed. His favor lost with many who follow. He is bent upon the retrieval of the child but he cannot endure the blatant killing of surrendered foes.

Session 3 (Tirrigeth's Perspective)
The struggle to help the orc family unexpectedly leads to a trap in the Underdark...

As we set off to save the orc child from the dog-men, Tolan runs on ahead. Suddenly, a griffon rider appears and engages Tolan in battle. The rest of us heed Kusanagi's warning and hide, and can only watch helplessly as he is killed.

When the griffon rider is gone, Kusanagi rushes forward. But it is too late – Tolan is dead. The group gathers around as the half-elf gives the last rights. The bladeling honors the dead warrior in his own way. It is a solemn moment.

Before we can do anything else, Immeral spots a figure through the trees. We ready our weapons and approach cautiously. It is a robed human. He greets us, explaining that he was investigating the flying lion he saw. Some pleasantries are exchanged, and it sounds like he wants to help catch the child. They might have kept talking for hours at the rate they were going, but I push by impatiently, reminding them that time is of the essence – a boy's life is on the line.

We continue down the path until we reach the river the orc woman spoke of. As we reach the opposite bank, we are ambushed by dog men. Our new party member proves himself useful immediately with quick reflexes and powerful magic skills. I manage to pick one off with a crossbow bolt. The bladeling charges in as usual, and discovers yet more dog-men behind some bushes. He manages to take some down, but is soon surrounded. With the help of a distracting attack from Immeral, I rush to Knell's aid, directing him to safety and raising his spirits. We manage to destroy most of our attackers, but some escape.

As he crests the hill chasing the fleeing dog men, Kusanagi cries out in despair – "They have the boy!"

We take a quick moment to bind our wounds and catch our breath, then enter the tunnel into which the dog-men vanished. My heart sinks as Crythis, the human, describes how these "kobolds" often give sacrifices to their "gods". I fear for the orc boy they have captured.

We soon come to a large room full of kobolds. I am so distraught over the boy's situation that I charge in hotheadedly, and am surrounded and brought to the ground. I'm told Crythis put on quite a performance while I was out. It isn't long before I hear Kusanagi's voice muttering prayers. I wake to see Kusanagi charge past, strike down two kobolds, and send a bolt of healing light crashing into me. As I clamor to my feet, I see Immeral rush past and make an attack.

I get to my feet, make quick and dirty attacks on both kobolds next to me, who appear to be stunned, then yell to Crythis and push him to safety… or so I thought. But just as he steps away, a kobold in the corner breaths a column of fire, engulfing Crythis and three others in flame. But they shrug off the burns, and together we quickly dispatch the remaining kobolds until only the chief remains. We concentrate our power, and finally Knell brings him down.

As we pry open the door at the back of the room, a rumbling comes from behind us. Immeral investigates – a cave in has blocked us in. I hope there is another exit farther down the tunnel!

The chamber we opened was a burial chamber. There were several powerful items, and it was decided that I would take a finely crafted longsword which glows with an icy aura. Also passed out were some special boots and some armor.

Kusanagi's Log: Session 4
From one trap to the next

I’ve found Crythis to be a worthy addition to our band. He projects some of the same “confidence” that Tolan did, and backs it up with deeds as well.

I fear that as each hour passes, the likelihood of finding the boy alive grows ever more dim. One small advantage to our sojourn here is that we will have vanished from the world above. The forces of Avergene that sought us will likely find further searching fruitless. Hopefully they will discover other, more urgent matters that require their attentions.

The march through the caves is wearying and difficult. It is clear that some of these passages have been dug between chambers that were created by some ancient civilization. Such enclosed spaces were the last place I expected to encounter a ballista, but so we did. And a flame-rigged bridge as well as a well-placed net. It is clear that these “kobolds” are adept at setting traps, something of which we must beware. The party was quick to move towards the ballista, eager to shut it down. Myself, I was perhaps too eager, and I found myself in the river and out of the fight for the first few rounds. Knell, Tirrigeth, Immeral, and Crythis acquitted themselves admirably, despite the traps.

By the time I was able to join the fray, there was little more to do than heal the impetuous Knell and Immeral, who chose an odd time to combine napping and swimming. A dangerous combination of pastimes! I did attempt to persuade the two surviving kobolds that their cause was lost, but they fought on and paid the price.

After a brief respite, we encountered one of the ancient chambers occupied by what appeared to be a lone madman. Again, we focused on the lure, and quickly found ourselves enmeshed in a rather devious trap consisting of multiple swarms of rats. I had not realized how deadly rats could be, nor have I ever encountered them in such numbers and so frenzied a state. Several kobolds appeared, one of whom had some eldritch connection with the rats. I was able to knock him down, but the combination of rat swarms through which I had to pass to accomplish the feat, led to my own collapse. Fortunately Tirrigeth was there with an inspiring word.

Knell, Tirrigeth, and Immeral were in the center of the fight, occupying the attentions of our foe. This allowed our spellcasters the time to determine which of their powers would be useful against the swarms. I stepped clear of the melee, and switched to my crossbow, while Crythis and Vorn bathed the chamber in destructive magics, eventually vanquishing the foe.

We have chosen to rest here in this chamber. Two of the kobolds fled through a pair of nearby doors. They will bear intelligence of our party to their allies. The foe will be ready for us when we resume our pursuit.

Kusanagi's Log: Session 5
Rescue and further peril

After a night’s rest, we pushed open the heavy doors of the chamber into the tunnel beyond. The architecture continued to be ancient, rather than the more modern tunnels that I now assume were dug to grant alternative access to this underground realm.

In a bizarrely tilted chamber we encountered a haughty drow and her minions. She had the orc child, was the master of the kobolds we were pursuing, and despite her clear disdain for us, was willing to talk. We were able to convince her that our opposition to the crusaders of Avergene who threaten her realm would be advantageous to her. In return, we asked for the orc child, and passage out with the pledge that we would not return. That oath is one that I may have to cause to regret later, but necessity is a cruel master. The drow have a reputation for deceit, and I suppose I would regard any such transgression as a breaking of the oath on their part.

The drow revealed that there was a conflict brewing nearby that included a crusader force vying for some relic that she regarded as worthless. She gave us the child and agreed to lead us to the conflict, I suppose to confirm our oath through our actions. On the surface, in a forest glade, we encountered a hideous band of demons who had summoned some corruption from the ground itself, which seethed with worms and grubs.

We advanced hesitantly after Immeral reported them, and got hammered by lightning strikes. Immeral, Vorn, Crythis and Knell launched an all-out assault on what appeared to be the leader. One of the demonic minions engulfed Knell, and perished. This appeared to be some foul tactic of these creatures. The demon leader and two lightning wielders bloodied us with their strikes. Our stamina was being severely tested, and we had yet to do more than bloody the leader.

In a bid to grant us reprieve, Crythis conjured a wall of light to protect us. Knell was engulfed again by another of the demonic minions. I was again astounded by the bladeling’s tenacity. I was able, through the grace of Bahamut, to grant Healer’s Mercy to all of us who were bloodied, but the respite was short-lived.

Tirrigeth, Vorn, and Crythis were felled by another lightning blast, and Immeral – who had darted in amongst the enemy – stumbled as well. I was able to uplift Crythis, and turned my attention to Vorn, and Tirrigeth while he and Knell continued the fight. I was focused on healing, and so I was not able to witness the heroic efforts that turned the tide against the demons. Having aided Tirrigeth, I took the time to knock down one of the lightning-wielders as she assisted Immeral. We cleansed the battlefield of the taint of our foes, and staggered clear of the befouled glade to rest.

Ahead of us we saw a twisted tower of some strange design. In the ruins at it’s base Immeral reported an Avergene patrol. It was not until we had sprung our ambush that I saw that they were Dragonborn, whom I consider my kin.

In the battle that followed I did what I could to grant healing to my friends, while I urged my kin to retreat. To no avail. When the last crusader fell, I was blinded by anguish, and called upon Bahamut to grant him healing from my own life force. My prayer was granted. May my new found friends forgive me for my seeming betrayal, and grant me the time to explain to them, and to my egg-brother, why I have done this thing.

Kusanagi's Log: Session 7
The road to Fort Grimstone

We returned the Orc child to the relative safety of Grind. The town is in a state of military supervision, under the administration of the Avergene crusaders. They have implemented efforts to co-opt members of the local populace, and so we must keep a low profile. Crythis is not immediately recognizable as a member of our company, so he conducted necessary reprovisioning, while Immeral used his stealth capabilities to gather information.

We received our first report from Star, the Dragonborn trooper. Tirrigith expressed some doubt about some of the facts therein, and we were not able to confirm their veracity. Despite that, we opted to pursue the intelligence, heading into the wilderness of the Silvermoon Valley towards a possible trap at “Fort Grimstone”.

In the wilderness we encountered some cultists of Bane in the process of summoning an infernal being. It was refreshing to deal with a situation with little ambiguity for me. The opposite was apparently the case for Knell. Now it was his turn to face adherents of his own faith, but he made it eminently clear through his actions where his loyalties lay. He offered to act as a decoy, and suffered the attentions of the adept who had summoned the minor devil for the entire encounter. The adept was later to regret his singular focus. His remains carpeted the hillside.

Crythis was quick to respond with a wall of light when a pair of imps appeared in our midst. His quick thinking saved several of us, I am sure. Tirrigeth and Immeral focused on the devil, and the cultist guards. The warlord and the rogue wove a dizzying web around their targets, shifting in and out of range. The devil attempted to overwhelm Tirrigeth, but Immeral was able to free her.

Vorn aided Knell in his battle with the adept, peppering the foe with magical blasts. I did little but offer myself up as a distraction, and grant the healing power of Bahamut to my allies as they needed it. In the end, only one cultist guard remained standing. I subdued him, and we questioned him.

We gained little from the fanatic beyond the knowledge that Fort Grimstone was in fact real. Apparently the Avergene are mounting an assault against it. It is held by dark dwarves, the Duergar, and other cultists of Bane who are seeking some legendary artifact in the earth below. Whether the Avergene seek to destroy this thing, or use it themselves, I do not know. Thus, I am again conflicted.

This is the sort of cause that fueled my early zeal for the crusade in Ampara. A target worthy of the justice of Bahamut. But my fellow crusaders lost their focus during the long fight. Too often they indiscriminately turned their weapons against the common people of this land. The mandate of racial purity that the Holy Empire follows is, in my opinion, flawed. There is evil to found among folk of the “True Races”, as well as there is good (or at least non-aggressive neutrality) amongst the “infernal” races. May Bahamut guide me through the darkness that is to come.

Kusanagi's Log: Session 8
On the Mountain

Sometimes choices that seem simple have consequences that are decidedly not so. Take the example of fanatical cultists summoning a demon in the name of Bane. I thought it was a simple choice: Stop them at all costs. And so we did. The consequence that has since been revealed to us, is that the Avergene army slaughtered the occupants of a village that the cultists had sought to protect. I can only pray to Bahamut for guidance, and hope that in the end the choices we make will be towards some greater good.

And so we found ourselves in the company of Grok, a pitiful scavenger, an outcast of the orc village. Immeral persuaded him, at swordpoint, to lead us to a secret entrance to Fort Grimstone. (I have since heard it referred to as “Greystone”. Grim or grey, it bodes ill.) We sought to avoid the main body of the Avergene force, and perhaps beat them to their objective: The fort conceals some lost artifacts of power, doubtless protected by Bahamut-knows what.

Clambering up the mountain path we encountered an Iron Dragon, a mercenary creature full of avarice and spite. Treachery too, it seems, as the thing unleashed a swarm of miniature drakes upon us that felled Crythis several times. We fought well, in particular Immeral and Vorn. So valiant was the gnome, that as the dragon staggered in defeat, he was able to rebuke the thing, and it became craven, yielding the fight. Impressive. I admire Vorn’s confidence, which despite his stature, seems boundless.

We gathered some intelligence of the Avergenes from the dragon. There are four other dragons in their employ. All are in thrall to some matron-dragon who, by the sound of it, remains far away in their homeland. She must be fearsome indeed to compel them from so great a distance. It seems that the Empire force was fighting constructs and powerful protective magic further up the mountain. No doubt we will encounter similar things as we seek to penetrate the ancient fort and loot its treasures ahead of the Avergenes.

The beginning descent into the mountain

Immeral, Crythis, Knell, Kusanagi, Tirrigeth, and Vorn started into the mine shaft along the northern slope of Mount Hublia. Moving quietly out ahead Immeral discovered that a number of Deurgar were camped in a large man carved chamber.

However the parties’ close proximity kept him from setting a proper ambush. Turning and running to the party the rogue tried to quiet them. Only it was too late. Even as he instinctively dodged two crossbow bolts pierced his armor. The bolts only made glancing blows against his skin but he was off balance from there. Turning back to the room the party charged into battle.

It was soon apparent to Immeral that the Duergar Scouts would pin cushion the party to death should they be allowed to continue to fire upon them. From in his pouch he produced a nearly forgotten bauble the Drow had given him. Darkness engulfed the room protecting the party and blocking the sight of the Duergar guards.

As the fight continued magic and mayhem commenced. A heroic effort was produced by all. But soon the party over came the Duergar and the Thermogen along with this remaining scouts surrendered.


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