Campaign Story Arc

This is the main Campaign Story Arc

The purpose of the page is to summarize the 100k foot view of the story and the world.

The Avergene empire has invaded the lands of Ampara. Their Crusade to clear the lands of the “taint” born out of a will to restore the planet. The problem is that the lands have changed and the inhabitants of Ampara have changed. Their past may have been seeded by the roots of Evil but gone are the days of the dominance of race.

Perhaps The Holy Empire of Avergene is right. But there is something foul in the world and it is not Ampara that is the source.

While all is confused there is something clear. Ampara contains many hidden secrets to an age past.

After a fight with Holy Empire of Avergene soldiers in and around the town of Grind the party learned of a force of soldiers from the Holy Empire of Avergene was heading to an ancient fort known referenced as Fort Grimstone.

Traveling quickly the party was able to gain access to an ancient tunnel dug by would be robbers. Once inside they continued using worm tunnels and natural tunnels found an ancient artifact.

Here in the party released an ancient entity and where it has gone they know not.

From here the party advanced back to Rivelda the home of Immeral and Tirrigeth.

Here they learned from a small and apparently pathetic man named Jahn. Jahn claimed to represent the entity the party had released and he told them of a quest that his master wished for them to perform. To retrieve an ancient goblet.

So through investigation and clues the party was able to locate the ancient house hidden in plain sight.

Here in they entered the The House of Spren’Ahame.

Down under the the house the party fought the protections and in the end they overcame even Smite.

Here in the party found a log from the Family Spren’Aheme.

From here they have returned to the tidy inn they have recently rested in to take stock and determine their next course of action.

Campaign Story Arc

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