In the southern hemisphere there exists two sister continents, Constaldia and Vivaldar. The larger sister Vivaldar measuring only 1500 miles from North to South and 700 miles (at its narrowest) from East to West. They are only separated by the Channel of Vizia which at the closest is only two score of leagues wide.

The Channel of Vizia servers as the break between two lands who’s recent histories cannot be more separate. Vivaldor is a wild continent composed mostly of wild jungles and swamps in the north and cold and extremely tall dark mountains in the south. Only the narrow middle land known as Ampara is home to the humanoids who honor loyalty, law, and to a lesser degree life.

In this land of Ampara the three city states of Rivelda, Fridar, and Youp are the beacons of humanoid control. Each one cooperative with the next. The land secured from beast and monster by a tight web of the governments professional soldiers, local militias, and bands of adventurers, miners, and armed caravans. Beyond this Ampara is a melting pot. Crafted from the center of a land that is more tainted than anyone can know. Outsiders, Fey folk, and mixed breads are everywhere. The people base their loyalty more on personal experience than on any looks or image. They are quick to defend but slow to attack. The region thrives on its diversity and generally avoids and abhors the organization of large governments.

In contrast the continent of Constaldia is home to a single empire. The Holy Empire of Avergene. The empire is composed of hundreds of small towns and villages spread across the barren high plains deserts and small urban centers. The Empire controls much and rules with an elite military raised from the militant town folks.

It is this contrast that leads to the current strife. The Empire sees its self as the right and true nature of things. The influence of the First Event is lessened here by the diligence to racial purity, the seclusion of the terrain, and the adherence to principles, discipline, and devotion. They see the bloodlines of outsiders, the influence of their magics, and inclusion of their cross bread children as a dilution of the planet. An attempt by the evil influences to corrupt their land and create a hell on Ubin. They respect and honor the gods of goodly nature as that is the old ways. But they abhor the name Ubin for the planet prefering instead to refer to it by its truthful name Avergene. The Empire’s rulers are set out to end the taint and correct the damage caused in the First Event.

To that end they set forth on a massive crusade to control Ampara. To begin the generational work of cleansing the taint from their sister land. They came in force across the Channel of Vizia. Their organized liegons of Human and Dragonborn warriors forcing the Ampara city states to surrender. The armies of the city states while a great protective force where no match for the Empire. They surrendered one by one to the armies.

The Empire moved forward with each conquest on ward. Each time leaving behind garrison troups to protect, detect, and cleanse. The legions of Soldiers far from home in a place made from a different kind of people soon began to weary. As they reached their conclusion the control they sought already began to slip from them. Violance was the only means they understood to maintain the control they seek.

The Avergene garrisons in Rivelda and Fridar are under seige from every possible location. The armies continue their work of detection but it seems likely that this current stalemate cannot last long. The warriors of Avergene tire of the mindless battles with foes their commanders continue to underestimate.


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