Nuts and Bolts:

How many players will be in the game?

We’ll start when the campaign when we have five players and we’ll stop taking players when the party reaches eight.

How often will we meet?

Weekly on Thursday night from 6pm-10pm. See Scheduling

How often am I expected to attend?

See Scheduling

What system do I use for generating character stats?

You may use method 1 or 2 from the PHB

What level will the campaign start at?

We’ll be starting all characters at level 1. As the campaign ages, we’ll increase the starting level for character restarts and new players.

Character Sheets and Generators For new players, I have two recommendations:

  1. Use the free character generator from Wizards.
  2. Use either the printout from the generator as your character sheet or find something as useful that you prefer.

I like the Character Codex by Goodman Games.

You’ll need to provide a simplified version of your character sheet for the DM. He’ll provide you the PDF, Word, RTF, or print out of this form for you to fill out.

How should I equip my character to start with?

Minimally, choose one of the following current situations for your starting position: 1. Your character lives at the starting location 2. Your character has recently served as a member for a caravan and has ended employment in the starting location. 3. Your character has been dumped here by hard luck and happenstance traveling roughly

You should start with appropriate armor, weapons, clothing, and instruments. However, you shouldn’t be loaded down with any consumables, camping gear, or other non-essentials. Exceptions will be made in the best interest of role playing, but they will be exceptions.

What gods can we worship?

You should feel free to worship any god in the PHB. However, there will be additional gods in the world. If you’d like to play a character that has a heavy religious background like a Cleric, Paladin, or Avenger we should talk about the world’s religions and the religious background currently alive in the world. Before you make your character.

If you’re not playing a religious class but want to have a strong influence of religion in your character the same applies.

Are there any house rules I should know about?

Generally no, the rules used are the Core Rulebooks. The goal is to not make the game overly complicated with rules and derivations. Keeping the game simple is the major reason for using 4e.

With that said, the game world will include new races and character backgrounds. Which will be described in the Ubin Player Guide.

Any rules you’d like to use in the development of your character from supplements should be reviewed out of game time by the DM. E-mail any requests or thoughts and we’ll work it out to everyone’s satisfaction.

How Particular Should I be about Tracking Encumbrance, Gold and Items?

Particular, see Pg 222 PHB. Lifting, carrying and Dragging. Keep track of your weight carried at all times. If your character is impacted by weight you have the responsibility to report it to the DM and party members.

What else should I know about the game?

This stuff should go without saying but I love being extra clear. The goal of this game is to have fun. In my experience several things impact the fun of RPGs. They all stem around the groups ability to be honest, have integrity, and enjoy role playing. They should be avoided. Some simple examples that cover 90% of the issues:

  1. Trying to cheat the rules of the game for some perceived gain. Honesty.
  2. Being a jerk to other people. Integrity.
  3. Playing out of character. Enjoy role playing.

NOTE from the DM: If you have trouble with any of what is said in this FAQ this is not the game for you. Please, pass us by for another group where you will have fun playing the way you like to play.

Role playing and storytelling aspects

How is role playing going to be used?

This will be a heavy role playing campaign. More emphasis will be put on being in character than out and we’ll focus on encounters that allow for role playing. However, we will be using dice to guide the role playing from time to time. E.g. Diplomacy checks will be used to determine success and the player can then role play the situation. This will keep the integrity of the game system and still allow us the fun of playing our characters. The game time will be spent predominantly in character doing adventures. Time in town will be minimized to the degree possible except when the adventure centers on a town or the role playing determines the necessity for town time.

How much background information do you want about the characters?

Make sure answers to all the information in the top section on the front of the character sheet is completed, e.g. age, gender, height, weight, alignment and deity. Also, there are several main things I’d like to know about your character other than a narrative description about their background. They are:

  1. What facts does your character not know about their background?
  2. What history does your character have with towns, people, and places that you’d like to be part of the campaign story?
  3. What part of your characters background do you feel best represents the story you’d like to play out? (i.e. Is there some part of their history that you want to play through or play up to?)
  4. What motivations for adventuring drive your character and how does your character respond to authority figures?

DM Note: Role playing and storytelling are important aspects of gaming to me. I want to play this campaign so that the stories that are told are wonderful, magical and fun. You are a participant in the story telling aspect of the game. I’d like to honor each participant in the combined story telling. This information will help me ensure that your expectations around the story of your character are able to be honored and integrated well.

Player and character interactions


Its expected that you’ll be kind in your communication with other players.

You should feel free to play your character anyway you see fit. Keeping in mind that your character is part of a larger story. Each player brings something new to the table with their character and when you play your character in a way that blocks them from playing it produces inter party conflicts. So you should design your character in a way that will allow them to interact with a variety of situations. If you have more questions on this please don’t hesitate to ask.


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