The purpose of guidelines for players is to keep the game fun and to establish the social norms we’ll be following.

The guidelines to players is:

  1. Be committed to the campaign
  2. Be focused during game play
  3. Be attentive to the rules
  4. Be a good steward of your part in the story

I’ll explain each now in more detail:

  1. Your attendence is expected. You are expected to miss no more than one game night in six. The campaign will often be a string of sequential adventures. We’ll be relying on consistent players to maintain the ongoing story line. Be on time and have the time to play. See the Scheduling page for more details on this subject.
  2. You are expected to be focused during game time. If you a person prone to distraction or lacks attention you should probably pass on this campaign. We are going for a heavy role playing environment and I personally don’t want to baby sit anyone to get them to pay attention and be present to the game and story.
  3. I am not a rules lawyer, however, we will be following the rules. I will not be tolerating people who abuse the rules to augment their own characters. This is not to say that we wont have house rules. We will and some of those will be to the character’s benefit. But every house rule will be published. See the FAQ before asking the DM if you have any questions.
  4. D&D can be seen as either a role playing or roll playing game. This campaign will be much more of the role playing. Your part in this is to help tell a great story. Its expected that you’ll have a clear background for your character and you’ll play in character as much as possible. Playing out of character, using player knowledge, and clearly abusing the nature of the story is considered poor sportsman. Be in character and play your character as you envisioned them.

NOTE: The DM is willing to take input on this list and advise through discussion with the players.


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