House Rules

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At this time the following general house rules apply:

  1. Sun rods do not exist.
  2. Player races are limited to those in PH1 and PH2 with additional races allowed at the DM’s discretion. Note: none of the races in the PHB3 are allowed at this time.
  3. During encounters unprepared players will hold their actions until they are prepared.
  4. During encounters all exchanges between players should be done in character and within the limits of time permitted.
  5. Shadow power source character classes are not allowed at this time.

Additionally the following are guidelines that are worth repeating:

  1. The DM is the official rules arbitrator. His decision is final on all rulings. Any disagreements will need to be dealt with via email and correspondance outside of game time.
  2. The DM will work to obtain copies of all rules. However, any rules outside of the Core set will be used at his discretion and you may be asked to provide a copy of the rules during game play.

House Rules

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