The Holy Empire of Avergene

In the Third Age on the continent of Constaldia the global drought devastated the urban centers. The tribes of the high steppes survived on meager measures and traditional ways. Their small populations thriving when other nations suffered.

Amongst the Dragonborn of the continent a history of protection of one’s clan and people had critical to their success. Their militaristic traditions were strong passing from mother to daughter and father to son.

With the great drought the Dragonborn had used their military might to survive when other peoples suffered and died out.

However, when the drought ended they continent was fast to recover. When crops began once again to flourish. The humans of the continent grew in numbers and were fast building farms, forts and protections. However, the militaristic mountain tribes of the Dragonborn were fast to transform into nobility and rulers. Their life style’s prepared them well for life as full time soldiers. The result was that the Dragonborn became the rulers and the humans the ruled. For a decade this un-even alliance protected one an all from upsurging competition and by the end of the decade they ruled the continent.

At this time the Dragonborn King Lancious turned from the study of war to the study of history and religion. The King was as much a product of the regional upbringing as any. He operated under a strict code of conduct. Which mandated adherence to loyalty, professionalism, preserving life, defeating evil, and fair treatment of his people.

The historians he sought tought the King well but in addition they were able to influence his racist thinking. The scholars used the King’s code of ethics as the weakness in his racist thinking. They drove home the lesson of equality.

Through prayer and reflection the King realized his mistaken beliefs and repented his ways. He promoted a movement of equality. For the King it was equality between the True Races of the planet: Human, Dwarves, Elves, Dragonborn, Halflings, Goliaths, Gnomes, and Eladrin. His vision for the his country was shared by many and soon his religious beliefs spread wide.

The King mandated that all True races were equal in the eyes of the good gods. There is still some element of raciscm but it is subdued and the military enforces the equality mandates through out the land. In his mandate and declarations he changed the name of the country to The Holy Empire of Avergene and began the creation of a new army.

As the King learned more and more about the history and the peoples he realized how the evil taint of the First Event had infected the land. His code and new realizations of equality created a perfect synergy. A synergy that was reflected in the hearts and minds of his subjects. Protection for all and fight against Evil.

The King formed up his army and marched his new decree’s around the country. His mission spread the new mandates along with the new name of the country. The Humans were the most inspired by the new mission and declared themselves brother to the Dragonborn. The training of Human troops began in earnest and before the long the strength of the Human spirit won over the Dragonborn.

In less than a decade the combined new Empire had risen in power and capability ten fold. This left them ready for their next conquest, the region of Ampara.

The Holy Empire of Avergene

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