The house of Spren'Ahame

In the oldest part of the city of Rivelda there is a house. Made by a magical process long past into history the house is one with its ancient inhabitants.

Protected in the house are hidden clues to the history of Rivelda and perhaps Ampara and even for Avergene (Ubin) itself.

At the top of the house is a large private library preserved and protected against entry by a secret entrance which seemed only to allow entry to a member of the ancient famiy.

Tirrigeth Rallinir gained entrance without delay. Here is what lay within:

A room some 30’ by 40’ with walls lined in book shelves. The room is lit with a series of softly glowing sconces. The light is bright yet and yet soft and inviting. A plush and soft carpet lays before you. The material is silk in texture and you almost immediately want to take your shoes off. There is a ornate table here on the southern part of the room with a few chairs around it. A few wine goblets set neatly stacked on one end. There are three books on the table:

  1. Wine making
  2. A journal containing entries on hand-to-hand combat
  3. A botanist book of illustrations of various plants and animals

As you search the room you find ancient tombs covering every subject from common pilgrimages, business operations, and of course the arcane. After an hour of searching you find the following items of special interest. Although all of them will require much study:

  1. A history of the great houses of Rivelda
  2. A brightly colored and illustrated Childrens book you cannot read
  3. A small book with a recipe of a poison that only dissolves in blood.
  4. A detailed ancient map of the mountains to the north.
  5. Several books containing the following rituals:
    • Brew Potion
    • Commune with Nature
    • Eye of Alarm
    • Leomund’s Secret Chest
    • Phantom Steed

Searching about the room Immeral discovers a secret stash stored in a book and another secret compartment in a chair. In these stashes he finds:

  1. A glass vial empty.
  2. A small knife with a three inch blade
  3. A set of ear rings
  4. A roll of parchment
  5. A metal stick about nine inches long

Further along in the ancient house past the fine cellar and descending an ancient path that seems far to narrow the party came upon the ancient keep under the house where in lies the family temple to Bane.

Under the temple is a secret chamber where Smite stood watch for so long.

With Smite in the room was a chest of ancient magics and several books that will require further investigation. However, what is noted is the depiction of the Tiefling lords. At first it is clear that the Tieflings practiced slavery as depictions around the room showed the lords walking atop the heads of slaves who offered up food and other items of value.

However, upon a closer inspection amongst the humans, orcs, and other races of slaves are lesser demons. Something about the depiction of their plight seems even more pathetic than the other races.

The books here in are written in a language you can’t read. However, one is journal written in an ancient form of the common tongue.

The house of Spren'Ahame

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