Kusanagi's Log: Session 10

Doubts in the darkness

I’m a good soldier. A good soldier does all he can for his squad. I know that I have done this, and by the grace of Bahamut, I will continue to do it. However, my sense of purpose is clouded, as if the darkness of the caverns under this mountain is soaking into my soul and poisoning my resolve. I find that I have doubts.

We met a band of constructs first. They are soulless devices. Animated by ancient magics and set to forbid passage to any who would seek to disturb this epic cairn. Crythis seeks to reason with them, explaining that we are their allies against the invading Avergene. They know nothing of anything beyond this curious cavern, and so we are again forced to fight. Those of us who prefer to fight toe-to-toe rush forward, which has the unfortunate effect of exposing Vorn and Crythis to direct assault by several of the constructs. Crythis’s wall of light, and Vorn’s powerful elemental blasts protect them well enough to hold until we can fell the others.

Crawling through the exit tunnel, we find ourselves in an unstable chasm. As Immeral, Knell and Vorn climb the wall, looking for some way across, Crythis, Tirrigeth and I ease our way out onto the cleft chasm floor. It gives way and we are cast down. A woeful spirit greets us, lamenting our choice of routes. Crythis again seeks to persuade the specter that we do not intend any sacrilege, but to no avail. Immeral drops heroically down to aid us, and is promptly struck down by our assailant. I am able to get Immeral back on his feet, and our combined might destroys the sorry undead. He seems to take some solace in being destroyed, and so I assume that it is Bahamut’s will that guides our blades true.

The burial ground beneath our feet writhes, and a horde of zombies rises from the crumbling earth. Crythis puts many of them to rest with a mighty surge of power, courtesy of Melora. But another, greater foe rises. A massive undead abomination. In the chaotic battle that follows, I falter once, and am raised by Tirrigeth’s inspiring words. Knell is able to deliver several heroic blows, until the thing grabs at him and binds him. I knock it over, and the party finishes it. It rises once from its seeming-death, and we are forced into the fray again, but we prevail.

There is nothing for us here but darkness and death it seems. If we find the secrets of this place will we even know? Or will the Avergene find them first and use them against us? I must pause soon for rest, and a chance to pray to Bahamut. May the Dragon guide me, and forge my resolve anew in this crucible of darkness. Experience is a great teacher. In darkness and despair, it is hope that will guide my blade and lead us to the light again.


djkester anarkeith

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