Staprocka (AKA Star)


Staprocka was born into a lower class family. His friends and colleges never really trusted him. He always seemed to find an advantage at someone elses expense. Eventually his attitude and behavior got him into hot water. Then after one escapade where he appropriated some much desired food stuff and drink he found himself in the local jail.

Given a choice between the military and hard labor camp he chose a life with sword and shield.

In the military his scheming mind allowed him an above average clime in rank eventually landing him into a drake handling unit. It was in this unit where he learned how to soldier with small drakes. While the life of an elite soldier didn’t appeal to Staprocka all that much it was better than life as a grunt.

It was these small units that would serve as ground support for the more elite air cav and cleaner units. The mission mostly one of containment and support Staprocka’s unit often found itself on guard duty near operations carried out by more elite units.

In one such assignment Staprocka was beset by a party of adventurers. Here is where he found himself in what most likely could be the best position of his young career. Working as an informant to the gorilla’s Staprocka felt comfortable that his lot was improving.

Staprocka (AKA Star)

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